Giving Up Drugs

Giving Up Drugs

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While drugs and heavy drinkingmay appear to be exciting at first, it quickly becomes apparent that their initialnovelty soon wears off when you find yourself physically and/or mentally addicted.

For many people it is difficult to recognize that they are addicted to alcohol or drugs, though for friends and family around them it may be patently obvious, until they are a long way down the road of dependency. You may be well aware of your habit and would do anything to be free from it, but it may seem that you are so far down the track that there is no turning back, but rest assured, it is NEVER too late to stop something from getting worse.

If you want to quit your drug addiction don't think in terms of turning back, retracing your steps along the journey you took along the narrow, walled-in road to get to where you are now, but rather see your future as open with off ramps and side roads that lead to much broader highways and opportunities you haven't even thought of.

Your brain and body may try to tell you that you have no options, that you must continue taking drugs and alcohol, that your life is set out before you and can never be changed. What you need to understand is that this voice isn't your brain at all, isn't the whole of you - it is a very small part of you, the negative aspect that has always held you back, and there are two things you need to know about this negative inner voice: 1. It lies, and 2. It is weaker than you think, a raindrop in the ocean that makes up the rest of what is you.

Please use this site to help you recognize addiction, either in yourself or someone you know, and gather a couple more tools to help squash it like the parasite it is.

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